Introduction to Linux

We will start with the Unix Shell lesson from Software Carpentry.We will need some data for this introduction. Please follow the software installation instructions from the lesson. You can find them here:

Also install the Visual Studio code text editor from here.

Notes can be taken in the Etherpad. Etherpads from previous years can be found here: 2019.


There are three types of path to be aware of:

  1. Absolute paths: start with / e.g. /home/pvh/data-shell/molecules
  2. Relative paths: relative to your working directory e.g.
  3. Home directory relative paths: start with ~ (tilde) e.g.

Regular Expression

  1. An introduction to regular expressions with examples is here
  2. Grep and regular expressions tutorial
  3. For debugging regular expressions: Debuggex

Some useful material: